Terrell Christopher Gladney Memorial Academy: Creating Smiles Since 2009

Men’s Leadership Academy

During the 2021-22 School Year, Terrell Christopher Gladney Memorial Academy is implementing the Men’s Leadership Academy at Sam Brannan Middle School and John Cabrillo Elementary. In addition to the schools sitting directly adjacent to each other, Mr. Gladney has deep connections to both school sites, as a parent, volunteer program provider, and advocate.

Having two children that matriculated through both Brannan and Cabrillo, and with years of experience as PTA President, School Site Council Member, Coach and Mentor at both sites, Mr. Gladney seeks to leverage not only his ongoing presence, but to reconnect alumni of both schools as youth mentors to engage and educate the next great leaders from Brannan and Cabrillo.

TCG Memorial Academy was selected as an SCUSD Supplemental Service Provider to lead this work in this community specifically, with a vision to bridge not only these two campuses, but all of the feeder schools within the Brannan-Kennedy network. Scholars chosen to participate in this first cohort will help lay the foundation for this most-important, most-necessary work in the entire Sam Brannan-Kennedy community.