Terrell Christopher Gladney Memorial Academy: Creating Smiles Since 2009

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Have Fun


TCG Memorial Academy is committed to empowering each child we engaged by creating smiles. When we love what we do, the work is a labor of love. By setting a foundation of happiness, we are able to retain the participation of our scholars.



Knowledge is power. We empower our scholars through engaging, real-world curriculum that is delivered via hands-on projects and activities. By personalizing lessons, the scholars connect with the material and are able to visualize implementation to tangible life events. Aligning our curriculum to life and career pathways transforms curriculum from one-time lessons to tools the scholars will use for a lifetime.



Through a framework of goal-setting personal identity and self-awareness, we create a positive environment in which growth is measured in inches, not feet. Creating micro-milestones maintains a growth-mindset centered on positive reinforcement, while maintaining accountability for scholars.



We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. TCG Memorial Academy is committed to building the next generation of leaders, who embrace the responsibility of raising up their successors..